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Blair Kaplan Communications is a public relations company that will stimulate conversations based around your brand and key messaging. While bringing your brand to life, your story will be told in a unique and interesting way.

Public Relations is the planned effort to influence public opinion through responsible action, supported by two-way communication. Blair Kaplan Communications is a company that thrives on creativity and takes the average idea and makes it monumental.

Blair Kaplan

Blair Kaplan

The name “Blair” means field or plain. Every landscape and field is different and one can see to the edge of the earth, which reflects enormous amounts of room. This is similar to what it’s like to work with Blair, you start off with a beautiful plain and together you take a journey.

Blair Kaplan, President, has had many life explorations such as: teaching canoeing in the mountains, living abroad and the practice of life balance. She has a love for art, passion for travel and is energized by the sounds of live music. All of Blair’s life lessons were pooled together to create the ideas that created Blair Kaplan Communications (BKC).

BKC is the central hub that will elevate your ideas into the phenomenon it strives to be. We do this by working closely with third parties and turning your wildest and most creative dreams into a reality. Every project is unique and remains the topic of conversation, long after we part ways. From all of life’s journeys, Blair has sculpted a unique Communications company that pushes the limits, creates conversations and makes heads turn.

We offer a number of different services such as Brand Management, Marketing, Publicity and all things Social Media to promote your business and get you earned media attention. Contact Us for more information!

My Services

Brand Management

Branding, Re-branding, Logos, Mission Statements, Vision Statements, Slogans, Mottos and anything else brand related.


Managing the public’s perception of you or your company.


Focusing on the communication from your company to the world; communicating, creating and delivering ideas while using untraditional marketing initiatives.


Newsletters, Website Content, Press Releases, Product Reviews, Articles, Interviews, Commercials, Blog posts and anything with words.

Social Media

Content and strategy creation and management, including platform building for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Additional Services

Voice Over, Advertising, Presentation Creation and Sales Campaigns.

My Clients

The Blog


Kickin’ It Old School

Being a professional communicator who specializes in marketing in the digital space, people often think that I’m a “techie” or that everything I do is purely digital. This, my friends, is not true. If you are having computer issues, I can Google a solution for you but...
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The Creator Series: Laura Zgud

LAURA If you've been around Pemberton for a while there's a good chance that you either know or have heard of Laura Zgud. When I moved here six years ago I would see her around town and when I discovered The Paddle Barn is when I began to follow her on social media....
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Lessons Learned: The 2017 Edition

I was lucky because I started off 2017 on a high note. I was newly engaged and focusing on growing my business without also having a job. This meant that I was not going to be working full time for someone else and will be working full time for myself. The year...
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Creating Unique Hashtags for Life Events

Using social media to connect with family and friends has never been easier. You can make Facebook events for family reunions, you can share fun articles with family members on Twitter and you can use Instagram to document precious moments. One thing that is picking...
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A Decade of Hashtagging

Believe it or not, the “hashtag” is turning 10! On August 23, 2007, a Twitter user names Chris Messina used the first hashtag on Twitter (which was “#Barcamp”). Nowadays there are around 125 million hashtags tweeted every single day. When using a hashtag with your...
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